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ORC Module

1st Renewable Energy Technologies (1stRET)

1st Renewable Energy Technologies, LLP. (1stRET) markets, produces, and deploys modular combined heat and power (CHP) systems that utilize renewable fuel sources or waste heat recovery to generate electric and thermal energy via highly efficient Heat Transfer Systems (HTS) and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) modules. These modular CHP systems can reduce dependency on foreign oil, lower greenhouse gas emissions, relieve pressure on the electric grid, minimize the need for additional transmission lines, and provide both electric and thermal carbon neutral energy. The modular CHP systems range in size from 0.3 MW electric to 2.4 MW electric and produce about 4.3 times more thermal energy than electric energy.  The modular systems reduce field construction and installation efforts and allow multiple modules to be installed to increase the project's total energy output. 1stRET is the first company to introduce this proven European technology in North America.  1stRET is partnered with the European HTS market leader to take advantage of their years of experience in providing modular renewable energy CHP systems.

New Website

1stRET is launching a new Website!  This site is currently under construction.  Please check back frequently for updates.